Keep your opinions to yourself

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When we read tarot cards, we are reading Reality. This is what is THERE. It isn’t always nice or what WE want, it is just what is there. This is sometimes hard to deal with. As Readers, one thing we MUST do: we must learn to suppress our own opinions and just read the cards.

This was a hard lesson I learned when I first began to read professionally at a psychic fair. A woman came to me with two children in tow (one about 18 months and the other about 3 yrs. old.) She was in love with a married man and had born him both her children, but he was still with his wife. I laid out the cards, sure they would say she should leave him and…. they didn’t. They were reassuring, comforting. Insisting that everything was fine and she should just wait. “You’re biting your tongue,” she told me. “Yes,” I said, “I want to tell you to pack up and get out. Run like Hell away from this guy, and the cards won’t let me!” She laughed, understanding exactly what I meant. I think her intuition had been saying the same. Wait for it, sit it out for now. She left comforted. And I was left scratching my head! I have puzzled over that reading for years: why would it be a good idea to wait on this man? He was married. It wasn’t a good relationship, was it?

Or was it? The man’s wife was very ill. He didn’t want to leave her, because of that. Maybe the wife really knew about the affair (or strongly suspected) and was relieved that he had someone to help take the stress of her illness away. Maybe—just maybe–his affair was actually a good thing.

We really don’t know anyone except ourselves. Because of this, we can’t—and shouldn’t–judge the actions of others. Crowley said, “Ain it harm none, do as thou wilt.” And maybe practices that are a little off the norm ARE OK, even positive. In this 21st Century we see open marriages, polyamory, even threesomes and other unusual permutations. The people in these relationships are happy. Who are we (the outsider observers) to tell them this is wrong, because it doesn’t fit the usual mold?

So we (as Readers) must learn to keep our opinions to ourselves. We are there to read reality and not judge what is going on with the querent. But sometimes someone’s reality is very sad or will be soon. Sometimes, we really want to lie about what we see or sugarcoat it, so the person being read goes away happier. We want to tell them that everything will be well. The married man will leave his wife (eventually) and come to them and they will live happily ever after. The ill spouse will get well; we want to tell worried husbands and wives, all will be well. Painful though it is, much as we are tempted to do so, we must resist.

We should always look for ways to make a bad situation better for the person we are reading for. We have free will, so there is usually an alternative that will help them escape the situation they feel trapped in. We should never leave someone stuck. But sometimes, the possible future is very bad. So you ask the cards for something good. Usually they will give you something. One woman recently asked about her grandfather who had stage four Cancer. I pulled a card and saw the sadness she feared right there. I could have been “nice” and told her that he would recover and go into remission and all would be well but that would have been a lie and, I believe, very unethical. Instead, I told her the truth: her grandfather was facing death. Maybe not immediately, but he was gravely ill (which she knew) and he was accepting it. That it was comfort enough for her: he was OK with dying and she would have to be OK with it too.

The toughest thing we face in our lives and in Tarot is Reality. It isn’t all sweetness and light, it is sad and brutal sometimes and hard to deal with. But it is Life. To be a Reader, you must accept all of life, not just the parts you want to believe or see. When I sit down to read, I ask for good news for the querent. However, if they ask about something that is sad or bad (a dying family member, a bad romance,) it is up to us to tell them the truth. We can say it tactfully, asking the cards to balance the bad with good, but we should not lie and tell them it is all well. That is not a good or ethical use of our Inner Vision.


Candle Magic

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Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.
–Nursery Rhyme

We all wish for things. Sometimes we wish on stars, sometimes on birthday candles. Sometimes we pray, sometime we just wish. Sometimes, our wishes come true.

I have been asked about doing spells for people. I am NOT a witch who could do an enchantment or cause something to happen. But I do sometimes wish for things to go well for me or others or for someone in bad health to heal or many other things.

Sometimes these things have even happened.

Many people are looking for love and not finding it. How do we wish for that? Years ago, when I was working a Psychic Fair, I worked with a woman who was a hereditary witch (grandmother, mother and now her.) She had a client who wanted some magic to get a boyfriend and she gave her this spell: take a big pink candle (Pink for romance) and scratch your name on the side of it with a nail. Light it every day for 21 days for 20 minutes. After 21 days, throw it away. If it is going to work, that should be enough. Wait a full year. Then you can try the ritual again.

Did it work? I never found out. But I gave the same advice to a friend who was having trouble with a boyfriend. He was drifting away and she wanted him to stay. It worked for them; a year later they were still together. Was it the candle or her own power of the mind, concentrating on keeping him or even was it that she spent 20 minutes a day relaxing and thinking about him? No matter, it worked.

I am not sure about spells and how they work. I think a lot of it is the power of the human mind to create the reality we need and want. People in pain feel the love we send them and respond to it. They feel better. We did nothing except send healing thoughts, but the power of the mind is vast.

Do you want to try candle magic? It is cheap and non-toxic, maybe it would work for you. Take a candle in a color that symbolizes your desire. Pink for love, green for money or maybe prosperity, blue for peace, perhaps. What would symbolize joy or healing for you? I looked up color symbolism on the net and found many examples.

Then take your candle and put it in a prominent place in your home. Make it yours by scratching your name on the side of it. Every day, light it for 20 minutes while you meditate on what your desire is. At the end of 20 minutes, blow the candle out (don’t snuff it out) then repeat the process the next day. After 21 days, put the candle away and see what happens. You must give the wish several months (at least a year) to work.

Remember also that you must give back a bit, in thanks, for what you receive. Did you get some money? Give some to charity afterward. Did you get the love you wanted? Give something back–again charity is good, in thanks! Always show gratitude for gifts received.

Try it. I can’t promise it will work, but if it does, let me know in the comments section what you did and what worked for you. Good luck.

One warning: don’t try to get a black candle or something like it and wish bad things on others. Quite simply, it won’t work. Each of us is constantly trying to make our lives better for us. We are constantly (and usually unconsciously) wishing for GOOD things to happen to us. To try to wish for BAD to happen to someone else is just wasting energy sending it up against the GOOD energy your subject is exerting on themselves. It is a waste of your energy to try. Just wish for good for yourself and leave others—even those you hate—alone. They will have to find their own way.

Adventures in Tarot Cards: Aces—new beginnings of a new year

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And so this is Christmas

And what have you done?

Another year over

And a new one just begun.

–John Lennon


It is the start of another year. Do you look back and see accomplishments? Or failures? What did you want to get done last year that you actually did? And (in my view much more importantly) what do you want to do this year?

I see the start of this new year as a clean slate. It is a new chance to reach a goal and maybe—just maybe learn to be stronger and better than we were before. Where it will go from here, we don’t know yet, but this is the beginning. In Tarot the Minor Arcana are numbered Ace through 10. Ace is the beginning and 10 the ending of a cycle. January 1st is the Ace in the tarot deck .It is the start of a new cycle. Where it will go from here, we don’t know yet, but this is the beginning. Aces are full of promise; we can go in any direction now. How do we want to proceed? Each suit is different, so they denote different beginnings. Ace of Cups is wellsprings of new Love and Energy. Ace of Wands is new commitment to an enterprise or project. Ace of Swords is seeing decisively. Ace of Pentacles is usually new prosperity or money—but in my deck of choice (the Worldtree tarot) it is also new paths.

Let us take these one by one. Cups are emotions. So Ace of cups is new emotions and feelings. We may feel good that the holidays are over and now we can begin a new year with renewed enthusiasm and hope. We may be in a new relationship with someone we just met. What do we want to do with it? Will this be the ONE or just another short term love? Will this be a new enthusiasm that turns into a new direction in our life or just an experiment that we got bored with after a while? We can direct the energy somewhat: pour a lot into it and see where it takes us, but if there is no renewal of energy from outside, we will get bored and burn out quickly. So, if this is new love, we have to get return on that love from the other person, or it dies. If it is a new interest, we have to get some results that keep us excited or we will give it up.

Ace of Wands is commitment to a new Enterprise. Perhaps, you just got a new job. Or maybe you just moved into a new house. Or are about to put your current house on the market. Or maybe it is just a new habit. This year, we resolve, we will keep up the budget. Keep to the exercise program. Contribute to our blog regularly! This requires less feedback, I think, just the desire to make it happen. We must chart our progress and see if after 3 months we are still doing what we said we would do. If so, great! If not, why not? Maybe we can figure out why we stopped and see if we can start again, or if we really were not all that committed to the project in the first place.

Ace of Swords cuts through the fog and sees the truth. The Ace of Swords is telling ourselves the truth: that new changes must be made and this (whatever we choose) is a new direction to try to effect that changes that are needed for growth. An Anne Lemont says, the Truth is a sword that points as well as cuts (Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. Pantheon Books. 1994) so we need to kind, even tactful, in speaking the truth as we see it. Not just to others, but also in telling the truth to ourselves.

Ace of Pentacles traditionally means new money or power. It may be a new commitment to budgeting or better money management. Maybe it means that you are committing to seeking a better job or opportunity to make more money in the coming year. In the WorldTree Tarot Ace of Pentacles means new paths. Sometimes we do not have an outcome we want. Just an idea we want to explore. This new path is worth traveling on just to see where it goes. If we like it, again it can lead to new directions, new enthusiasms or maybe a new direction in our lives.

All together the Aces tell us to see reality as it is, to try new ways to effect the change we see needed in our lives. Aces tell us to commit to new paths that may get us where we want to go. To go forward with enthusiasm and with love—accepting that there will be problems, obstacles and maybe, just maybe…..cake!

I resolve this year to work on my blog more consistently (at least once a month, maybe an entry every two weeks.) I will work with my enthusiasm for tarot, commit to this enterprise and see where the path takes me. What are your resolutions? What are you feeling enthusiastic about? What Truth do you need to face and work on? Tell me about it in comments.

Happy New Year to all. May your path be bright and fun in this New Year.

Adventures in Tarot Cards: Dr. Who and the Lovers card

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Did you ever watch Dr. Who? I am a huge fan.

This morning I watched the first of the new season of DW (with Peter Capeli) and a few minutes of the Hand of Fear (the last of Sarah Jane Smith in the Tom Baker years.) And I thought about the Lovers Card.

No, it isn’t that big a stretch. The Lovers is about Passion. It is about teaming together to build something new and wonderful ….together. The Lovers in my deck of choice (the World Tree Tarot) shows two people working together to create something between them. It will be better than either of them, and it will be a part of both of them.  In the Rider Waite Lovers, the Man looks at the Woman while the Woman looks at the Angel sanctifying their relationship. Men, it says, see reality but Women see beyond. We see intuitively not just concretely. Is that a bad thing? Not to me, it isn’t.

In the new Who series, which I absolutely love, we see this type of relationship. The Doctor has been without humans around him for many years. He has fought in the Time Wars (which killed off most of HIS people—the Gallifraians and ATTEMPTED to Kill the Daleks, the pepper pot shaped killing machines that are his sworn enemies.) He is bitter and fiercely independent. Also, he is very powerful and with no government to stop him. He, despite his need to be “good” and even “heroic,” is a menace.  He needs people around him, human beings who can balance him out. One companion, Donna, understood this. She called him on his anger and isolation. She told him he needs Humans to remind him of his well, Humanity. Otherwise, even though he has two hearts, he acts heartlessly, at time. The Human companion puts a brake on his passion and anger and allows him to navigate the tough choices that the Guardian of Good in the Universe must make.

The Lovers card is the same way. We can do a lot on our own. But a companion—not necessarily a LOVER, but perhaps a friend or co-worker can let us do much more than just what two people can do. Two sets of eyes see more, two sets of ears hear more and we can do more than twice as much with two people working together. We can support each other and help steady the work for each other. We can encourage each other. This is what the Lovers card really means: not Sex or “Romance” but LOVE, the love of others who really CARE about us, as we do them.

A partner may have a vision and we can help them bring it to reality. We may be lost in dreams of what could be and a partner helps us see the first step that must be taken. They say that marriage is happiness doubled and cares halved. This is what they mean, not romance, not sex, but CARING. That is the lesson of the Lovers.

Besides Romantic love, what do you see in the Lovers card? Are you with someone important to you? How do they complete you?

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Full Blood Moon and an eclipse!

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The Moon’s the North Wind’s cooky.

He bites it, day by day,

Until there’s but a rim of scraps

That crumble all away.

The South Wind is a baker.

He kneads clouds in his den,

And bakes a crisp new moon that . . . greedy

North . . . Wind . . . eats . . . again!

–Vachel Lindsay

Sunday night was the Full Moon and a special full moon too: a “Blood Moon” although I could not see the red color (although apparently it was quite red to people watching downtown.) And a Lunar eclipse which was amazing to watch.

The Full moon is a climax, a moment of the highest of high energy. After that, there is a time of diminishment until the New moon (and moon dark) comes at last. After that, the moon (and your energy) begins to grow again.

Starting right after the Full moon is a good time to purge. Put papers and clutter away and clear the decks for new adventure. Delete old files, finish old projects and get ready to start again at the new moon with new rising energy. This is NOT a time to start a new adventure, but a time to PREPARE to start. Clearing out leaves you room to FOCUS and do whatever preparation is necessary to begin the new project.

What are your plans? What new things do you want to start this Fall season? What will you give up to get the new project going? As I have said in previous posts, quitting can be a good thing, if it allows you to pursue something that is better. Alternatively, this can be a time to REST. Since the Full moon can be a climax or peak, the waning moon can be a time of rest and recovery. Use the waning moon’s energy to clear the negativity out of you.

Right after the Full moon, I like to put some of my crystals out in a window to clean. The Waning moon drains negativity from them and then the waxing moon that follows recharges them. I take one of them with me when I work to give me energy and absorb negative energy from the clients I work with, so my readings can stay positive and FUN, the way I like them to be.

A book on magic that I have read also suggested that this is a good time to start working on losing weight. Think long and hard about your goal and begin to work on a better diet, more exercise or whatever you need to reduce the pounds along with the waning moon cycle.

This is not a new year or even a momentous date during the year. But the Full moon is a good time to think about the ending of a cycle of your life. Not a big one, but still ending and beginnings. What do you want to end and what do you want to begin?

Adventures in Tarot Cards: 8 of pentacles, Part 2–Going Public

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“’You see a craftsman honing his skill. He’s not in his shop, though. He’s working outside—in the world—so there’s a connection to something larger than himself.  Beyond him, in the distance, is a doorway. A building. A Town. There’s a community waiting for what he makes. His skills have a purpose….There are people the craftsman can serve, and those people will, in turn, support him.’”

-Steven Hockensmith and Lisa Falco, “The White Magic Five and Dime: a Tarot Mystery.” Midnight Ink, Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 12014

Recently I came across a new interpretation of the 8 of Pentacles that I had never realized was true. The deck they use in that book is the Rider-Waite variant called the Universal Tarot by Robert de Anglis, published by Lo Scarabeo. The 8 of Pentacles shows a person working on pounding out pentacles on a work bench, but it adds the details mentioned above, an archway and door to one side. I was curious at this point and went back to the Rider Waite deck that I have and sure enough, behind the worker way in the distance, is a town. The craftsman is working OUTSIDE.

This is a wonderful idea! People are so often afraid to show their work. I often counsel people NOT to talk about their dreams to people that don’t understand. They will just discourage them, pooh-pooh them or at worse, crush them.  Instead we need to find support groups, or make them. We need like-minded people that “get” what we are trying to achieve. That is a story for another post. But we cannot just do our craft in a vacuum. We must get it out to the world eventually. Do a recital. Put the work in a gallery. Sell it at a crafts fair. Practice, but eventually put your work out in the world and see if it flies. I have just realized this is a call to action card: show what you have done. Make it part of the world.

I know people who have talent, real talent, who refuse to take their talent public. They are painters who never exhibit their work, actors who do the workshops but never get on the stage, writers who never submit their work to a publisher. They say they are not ready, I say they are afraid of failing.

They WILL fail. We all do, but if we keep practicing we get better. Letting others see us allows us to be reviewed or critiqued. Some are nasty reviews and critiques that can cripple us and leave us scared so show our stuff anymore, but others help us improve. And without getting Out There, showing our stuff we would never learn to improve.

The same is true with Love. If you don’t get out there, if you don’t give your heart away and get it broke sometimes, you never find out what you really want. What is REAL Love to you? You need to be brave and get out into the REAL world. That is a lesson of the 8 of Pentacles I never realized before.  Get out there and find a place in the world that is YOURS. Practice, you can do it!

Adventures in Tarot Cards: 8 of pentacles, Part 1– How do I get to Carnegie Hall?

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A young violinist carrying his instrument case gets lost in New York. He stops by a street musician and asks for directions: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The street musician answers: “Practice, my son, practice.”

I have always loved the 8 of Pentacles. I see it as being about Practice.  It is shows a craftsman honing his skill by banging out the same pattern over and over. You are not perfect, you are improving.  Recently, I saw an article on parenting that said we should encourage our children NOT by saying, “You can do it!” but by saying, “Practice.” Practice implies you will get better with time. To say, “You can do it!” says that maybe the next time, you will do it right, or if not then, eventually. SUDDENLY, you will do it right, after always doing it wrong. An idea guaranteed to make the child and anyone else who thinks like that crazy.

Practice means you don’t do it “right” suddenly. It says you will keep improving by repetition. The craftsman in the 8 of Pentacles is working at the same pattern, the same idea, over and over until he can do it well enough that he feels satisfied to move on to something else. Then he will start doing that over and over and better and better. In my deck of choice, the World Tree Tarot ( the craftsman has ruined two pentacles: one because the board cracked and one because his chisel slipped. Sometimes, I say, things go wrong but they aren’t your fault. Sometimes they go wrong, because you made a mistake. Either way, you must keep WORKING at it.

Years ago, I read a book called Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment (George Leonard, 1992.) In this book, the author discussed the Plateau. We work hard to get better at a craft or art and after a while we get the basics down. Then, frustratingly, we slow down. We are still able to DO what we are doing, but we are not getting better at it so very quickly. This is the point where so many give up on trying to learn something new. Instead, this is the point we must work HARDER. We still get better, but the breakthrough pace is now behind us. We are still IMPROVING, but more slowly. That is the main message of the 8 of Pentacles. Keep working at it, keep trying, it gets easier, and eventually you CAN do it—and do it well!

When people are asking me, as a reader,   “When will I find love?” and I get this card, I tell them to shop. Meet a lot of people. Find out what you like. What you don’t like in a partner. Then see what happens.  Some sigh and wish they didn’t have to shop. One even asked me, “Can’t I just FIND someone without all the looking?” Sorry, there is no substitute for it; you have to work at anything you really want.

If I am reading for someone (about love or goals) and the 8 of Pentacles comes out reversed (upside down) I remind them that there are no shortcuts to achieving what you want. If you start saying “I’ll take whatever,” I tell them, you will get “whatever”….and you WON’T like it.  This is true in anything. We have to concentrate on what we are trying to achieve. Is it a pretty bauble or a good marriage, concentrate on what you want, and on what the goal is. You won’t do it perfect, sometimes you screw up and sometimes it gets screwed up and it wasn’t your fault. Success doesn’t come by doing it right, it comes by working at it. So no matter how frustrated you feel, KEEP GOING.

Adventures in Tarot Cards: 8 of cups

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“Something hidden. Go and find it.

Go and look behind the Ranges–

Something lost beyond the ranges.

Lost and waiting for you. Go!”

–Rudyard Kipling

“The Explorer”

8 of Cups has always been a favorite card of mine. It usually (we will use the Rider-Waite as an example here) shows a person walking away from a set of 8 cups, moving up a mountain with a staff in his/her hand.

I see it as advancement. The pile of cups is incomplete, 8 cups is not enough to make a pyramid or proper stack, so the person is walking away from it. He (or she—I will assume a neutral pronoun from now on) is holding a staff in their hand indicating he is taking the power onto himself. The cups are old things no longer worth dealing with.  They may be old goals no longer worth pursuing or old relationships that are not working no matter how one tries. The seeker realizes that is it is time to move on and leave the old behind. I have talked about quitting versus failing and this is an example of quitting is not failure, it is just giving up what is NOT working and moving on to something that may work better.

I also see it as following the 6 of cups. In the Rider-Waite card, there are two children in front of us playing in the garden. In the background, someone is walking away holding a staff. This person (I feel) is the subject of the 8 of cups. The seeker is leaving behind childish things and moving on to new and maybe better ones.

In the Rider-Waite the moon looks down dispassionately. There is no judgement here, just change in action. Geese fly overhead, heading somewhere in migration formation. They too see the advantage of a change of scene.

In my deck of choice, the World Tree Tarot, the seeker is seeing leaving behind a set of cups some of which still have bubbles rising from them. Bubbles in this deck indicate possibilities. There are still possibilities in staying with the old ways but not nearly as many or as exciting as the new things possible “up the mountain.”

In any 8 of cups version, the mountain, of course, is essential. We ASCEND spiritually by taking on new challenges. We stagnate when we refuse to add new challenges to our lives.  If we stop evolving, we start to die. If we are in a situation where all the options are exhausted, we look toward death.

This is why I also see a very sad meaning for the 8 of cups. Recently, a client at a party asked me about her father who was very ill (I asked for confirmation and she told me it was Stage 4 cancer and he had been struggling with it for a long time.)  I told her I did not see him dying, but that he was resigned to Death. In the booklet with the World Tree tarot, the artist says the person is “taking the paths to the Moon” towards Man’s greatest adventure: Death.  He may have been declared terminal.

Ending are always sad as we mourn what Could Have Been. But they are also happy as we find our way to new and better adventure. Never stop seeking.

Which is better: Tarot Cards or Palm Readings?

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When I started reading tarot cards, I had a friend who was a palmist. She told me she just couldn’t get excited about Tarot cards. “I can spend a half an hour on someone’s palms, but only  a few minutes on their cards!” I told her I was just the opposite: I can spend lots of time on reading someone’s cards but palms for me are strictly a party reading: fun, fast and done.

This is not to say that palms or any other oracle is wrong or bad, it just that cards are the one that resonates best with me. I believe that tarot, numerology, runes and the others are just ways to find our way to the Akashic record. This is the record of everything up to now. We find the info we need in that giant Database that is the Universe.

I, personally, dislike Astrology because people use it as an excuse NOT to change or believe that they can’t change.  “I’m an Aquarian and I am like that.” Even career astrologers who insist that we still have free will, will talk of the moon is void of course so we can’t do things right now or don’t do a mailing because it is Mercury retrograde. I do use astrology occasionally: I see the Saturn return in the cards and even in my own life, but the day to day use of astrology irritates me to death.

But any other oracle, even if I don’t use it, IS useful if it rings true to you. My Goddaughter uses Norse Runes and does serious Rune study. Eventually I may try it. I read I Ching as my personal oracle when I want a reading and I have a book for more serious study that I use occasionally.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: there is no one true way. Find your own.

Predicating the Super Bowl

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I was contacted by a local On-line Newspaper for a Super Bowl prediction. So I made one. See the article at

Justine Breen, Senior editor at Chicago asked me for a score Prediction and WHY I felt that team will win.  Now I know NOTHING about Football but I have been asked for such predictions before and they are fun to make, even though I don’t usually prove very accurate.

My biggest hesitation is that I believe we cannot actually predict the future. When we are looking for information in the Tarot Cards, we are really looking at the Askaskic Record, the record of everything up until this moment. You CAN look UP the Record to the future, but you will see gloom and doom and bad outcomes. This is not because those are what will happen, but because you haven’t gotten there yet. If you do nothing about your issues, they will just get worse—don’t do anything about it and entropy rules. But if you start putting energy into improving things that are a problem for you, if you work on changing your life for the better, your life will get better. You won’t always make the right choices, but any change is helpful in the long run.  So, by exerting your will, you avoid the bad future you might otherwise have.

So I can’t look for what WILL happen, but I CAN look for information. So I looked for Justin to see which team looked better. The future here is not entirely random; there is some information “out there” about the teams. So I pulled cards to compare the teams:

Cards: Seahawks: Ace of Wands, Judgement and 6 of Swords

Patriots: King of Swords Rx and the Sun (19)

I added cards together to get the scores (Judgement is 20 and 6 of Swords) and Sun is 19.

Score Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 23, New England Patriots 19

Reason why winning team will prevail: I think the Patriots don’t have a good defense strategy. (I know NOTHING of football except that the Patriots and Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!) It looks to me like they will lose because they don’t know how to respond to certain plays by the SeaHawks. The Seahawks have a certain unpredictability about them!

I really am rooting for the SeaHawks, for no good reason than friends are rooting for them. Will this work out? I have no idea. Justin published my prediction and in an auto file embedded in the article discussed with another Football commentator. Apparently, 19 is a next to impossible score to get in football (like I said, I know NOTHING about the sport!) And the couch of the Patriots is a very good defensive strategist. So, all I can say is, we will see!

Interestingly, I was contacted by WLS-AM  890 A local Radio station. They will be interviewing me on Friday, Jan, 31, at 6:18 AM. I will talk about my prediction and also about how changes that happen after I made it, may change the result. I don’t suddenly think the Patriots will win, but the prediction was made BEFORE the  “DeflateGate” scandal, so maybe it will make a difference in morale.  Stay tuned, sports fans!